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Schick Shave Guard shaving foams and gels are a little sensitive and a lot tough, just like you, with strong ingredients to combat irritation, and gentle ones to soothe. Choose from four types of comfortable shaves that get your face in gear, no matter what irritations the day has in store.
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Energizer Schick Sensitive Lime Foam

Energy Booster Lime

Sensitive and refreshing

A gentle formula with moisturising agents soothes and protects your skin from razor burn, while the zingy lime fragrance will kick-start your energy.

Energizer Schick Sensitive Aloe Gel

Soothing Aloe


It might be a rough day ahead but your face doesn't have to show it. The skin-calming properties of aloe allow you to shave with confidence to reduce irritation on sensitive skin.

Energizer Schick Wash & Shave Foam

Active Aqua


This multitasking blend of facial cleansers gets your face quickly clean, removing dirt and providing a gentle, hydrating shave in one smooth move.

Energizer Schick Wash & Shave Gel

Refreshing Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus and facial cleansers lift away dirt and oil, while lubricating molecules give you excellent razor glide for a clean and refreshing shave.

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